We Live In Deeds And Not In Years

What makes one’s life meaningful is what one does with it. A person can live and die without really being noticed or making an impact on the world. It doesn’t matter if you live for a hundred years of a few, but it is what you do with your life that counts.

Some people make a big difference in a short period of time by doing good deeds and carrying out little things which make a big difference. People don’t remember anyone by their age but in what they remember of them. There are so many people who are dead but are still being talked about today and in fact still live in the hearts of people.

Hence, we can infer that people are not remembered for their age or their duration of life but for what they have done with it.


Are The Elderly Really A Burden To The Society?

Today, more than three million elderly persons face a life without getting any respect from the society. Why is it so? Why are they regretted? Why are they of no value any more in some parts of the world? This is a burning issue that is spreading throughout the world. The elderly are considered to be a burden in today’s society just because people think that spending money on people who have no assurance of living pressurize the healthcare system and economy of a family or a country or the society.

The productivity of elders is often nil and since their productivity is nil they put great strain on the economy of any society.Their facilities do not work at their optimum. Due to their ill health which accompanies old age, they put a strain on the healthcare system of any society as well. Many a times they require physical assistance to perform some of the most mundane tasks. Thus, we can infer at least from these points that the elderly are certainly a burden to the society.

But, as every coin as two sides, in the same way, this issue has a convincing side of itself. The elderly can serve as guides to the younger generation, as they are a repository of practical experience. Their experience and mastery in various fields helps us to tackle almost every obstacle in our life. They can advise us to choose the right path of our life. They serve as a link to the customs, traditions and values of our ancestors. The elders are also found to be useful in the household chores as well as to society, and thus we can say that the elders are truly a blessing to any society.

Now, the choice of every individual upon which option to support depends on them. Everyone is right in their own way, but it doesn’t mean that the other one is wrong. And so, if the elderly are really a burden to society, is a question whose answer lies uniquely in every individual’s choice as well asĀ opinion.


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World Environment Day

Good morning respected Principal madam, teachers and my friends. It gives me great honour to speak on the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’. We all know about the burning issue of ‘global warming’ which is a global threat. It is a disaster staring at our face. This phenomena can literally end the world, but the solution to it is also not very difficult. We should not only plant more trees but also stand against deforestation.

Planting more trees and cutting down of less trees is the nees of the hour. It is crucial for us to save as many trees as we can. Also, recycling a number of things such as paper is important. We have been forced to use conventional sources of energy like petrol and diesel which have also led to pollution. So now, we must patronise non-conventional sources of energy like solar and tidal energy as they are clean sources of energy.

As we all know trees give out oxygen essential for every creature. So, the increase in number of trees will save the world, as we are responsible for this disaster, and it is only us who can stop it.

Thank you!!

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

This proverb implies everything that appears attractive may not necessarily be good. Hence, we should not judge anything based on it’s appearance alone. A book may have an attractive cover but it’s contents could be dull and uninteresting ,whereas on the other hand, a book which may appear extremely boring but may have a wealth of information and knowledge within.

Another maxim, ‘Appearances are deceptive’ relates to this. It also explains that no thing should be brought to a conclusion by observing its look only. In other spheres of life, judging solely on appearance would be highly misleading. Many manufacturers advertise their products in ways which may make their products more attractive and good whereas they may not be as useful and as good as shown. When it comes to humans, to, it is a fallacy to based on appearance. In our country we have people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Phule, Vardhman Mahavir, who did not have a good reputation for their physical beauty but are revered all over the world for the beautiful qualities like love, kindness and charity which they embodied. So, ‘All that glitters is not gold’ is a proverb, which proves that everything that looks attractive may not really be good.


Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

We can easily imply the meaning of this proverb. It means that God is pleased when He finds cleanliness everywhere and in everything.

We may think cleanliness is to keep our surroundings clean. However, it is just a part of the actual meaning. Cleanliness does not only mean to keep our environment clean. It means to be spic and span in every aspect of life. Our body should be spotless, our house should be tidy, our surroundings must be kept out of dirt. And the most important thing – Our heart and thoughts must be optimistic, positive, and pure. Cleanliness must be implied for everything, everywhere. People will like to interact with us if we have neat body and clothes, or else we will be ignored and disliked. A tidy house may repel insects entering it. We would not come in contact with germs, which will prevent us from falling ill, whereas in the absence of cleanliness, we may face all of these problems. We all like to visit places that are clean. No one enjoys at an unclean place. Aware of it, all of us know that cleanliness is neglected everywhere now.It is of no importance to us in some parts of the world. God created a beautiful world, and made us all live there in order to stay happy, maintain it and explore it, not to contaminate and spoil it. Due to our carelessness, not only us, plants and animals and every other creature gets affected. Maintaining cleanliness and decorum may please God. Let us not trash our future, because a clean world will lead to a more beautiful world.

Cleanliness enables a person or a place to be pleasant. Purity is maintained by God in everything, and if we also do the same, our acts won’t differ and would count as a Godly act. Thus, maintaining cleanliness is truly next to the acts of Godliness.


Does Success In Life Mean Money?

Money- The most important thing in the world to survive. That’s what all of us think. But, is it really true? Can success only be achieved if we possess money? Maybe yes, maybe no!

Success is an accomplishment that helps you get ahead in life. If you have money and lots of it, you open a path to a lot of opportunities that other poor, impoverished people do not have. Success is often associated with power which can be within the grasp of the one who is wealthy. We may earn a reputation and have ourselves introduced to the world as a wealthy person. We may get to do anything and enjoy all the luxuries of life if we possess money. Whereas, on the other hand, success is all encompassing and cannot be limited to money alone. Succeeding only economically does not count as a success, as it is an accomplishment of an aim or a purpose, not of possessing enough money, and even not the only type of success! Academic success, literary success, scientific success, intellectual success, time success, etc are the different types of success. It also means overcoming failures, obstacles and disappointments by not giving up and trying again trying until it is achieved.

Therefore, material possession is not the path leading to a happy and prosperous life, because success actually means accomplishing the goal and being happy, which money cannot buy.


Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way

The proverb ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ means that if we have the earnest intention to achieve anything, we will certainly find the means to do it. Man is blessed with a number of virtues like intelligence and dexterity. But the greatest virtue that man has is his will power.

The history of mankind bears testimony to the relevance of the above proverb. As it is because of man’s will power coupled with his persistence that man has progressed from a wandering savage to an enlightened inventor. In fact, most of the comforts that we enjoy today are a manifestation of man’s creative will power. We can conclude by stating that our will power plays an important role in order to find a way to achieve success.

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